Saturday, 8 September 2012

Best Friend betrayer

my friend is a betrayer ....... if you are reading this you could have called me and ask me to house is just near ... and you don't even let me know, best friend . opps i forget i'm not your best friend Nisya is, ,right...all i wanna say is don't talk to me or give me such a letter and say you're innocent and all fucks...all i wanna say is you have Nik, Siti ,Sarah and MANY more.....I, it is either you or Nisya or Farah who doesn't know the meaning of our (Farah and me) friendship.. or else neeta or nobody.. bersyukurlah bangang...

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Boyfriend ...or Guyfriend

have you ever thought of having a boyfriend??? i do ..... i think it is good to have a guy friend instead of boyfriend... because if you have a boy friend u'll get all mushy and like that you know but once u break up with em u'll be enemy's forever..... and nvr talk again.. a guy friend is almost like a boy friend but u don't act all mushy like that just friends. thanks for reading <3 <3
p.s pls comment you r thought

Sunday, 5 February 2012


from my last post i am a belieber and a swifty guess what not any more I'm a SWIFTY now so follow me please nak nangis tau